Tax Amnesty

It has been speculated for some time that the Inland Revenue would offer a new tax amnesty. This was confirmed in the 2009 budget statement where the latest tax amnesty has been titled the New Disclosure Opportunity.

The speculation about the New Disclosure Opportunity (tax amnesty) is that it will be similar to the last tax amnesty but with higher penalties.

It is believed that the penalty will be higher in this tax amnesty as it is seen to be unfair by the Inland Revenue investigators to offer the same terms to those who came forward when asked the first time. Those who take part in the latest tax amnesty are probably seen as reluctant participants by the Inland Revenue.

One of the reasons that the last tax amnesty was a failure in the eyes of the tax investigation professionals was the lack of publicity given by the Inland Revenue, to the fact that there was a tax amnesty.

Failure to use the information that the Inland Revenue obtained from the banks prior to the last tax amnesty is also a criticism levelled at the tax man.

As the budget also contained the proposals to both name and shame people caught committing tax fraud and to subject these same people to an increased level of tax scrutiny for five years after a tax investigation this suggests that the latest tax amnesty may be publicised as the last chance for people who have not paid their taxes to come forward.

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