Offshore Coordination Unit

The offshore coordination unit was formed in 2011 and is part of Specialist Investigations. The Offshore Coordination unit was formed to obtain information from overseas tax authorities to enable HMRC to undertake focussed tax investigations into suspected tax fraud relating to overseas assets.

The offshore coordination unit was responsible for processing and undertaking tax investigations into the stolen information from the HSBC in Switzerland.

Since the offshore coordination unit was set up it has built up relationships with overseas tax authorities and these contacts have been used to obtain significant information about overseas property held by UK residents as well as certain financial information relating to overseas bank accounts.

The offshore coordination unit has also been heavily involved in the:


The information that the Offshore Coordination Unit receive is fed into a complex computer programme (HMRC’s Connect System) which contains more than a billion records. This information is then analysed for the offshore coordination unit where it compares assets held (in the UK as well as abroad in Europe and the United States) to declared income in the United Kingdom.

Although the use of the connect system is in its infancy with regards to offshore assets as the OECD nations are working closely to target tax evasion and sharing of information and this will enable the offshore coordination unit to identify potential tax evasion by looking at assets held in OECD nations.

In addition to its own reported 100 investigators the offshore coordination unit also acts as a source of tax investigation information for the rest of HMRC. Serious cases will be passed for potential prosecution for tax evasion and then filtered down to various other departments including:

  • Specialist Investigations
  • Local Compliance: Fraud


HMRC are really focussing on instances where tax evasion is masked by holding the assets abroad and the offshore coordination unit are the spear head of this focus.

According to HMRC’s document “Closing in on Tax Evasion” the serious push relating to investigate offshore property ownership is to start in May 2013.

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